About Us

PT. Hebros was established in 2011 in Jakarta, the Company was founded with the aim to provide solutions in the field of Information Technology to every company in Indonesia. With the knowledge and skills of all our staff and to the accompaniment of a spirit and great determination of Management PT.Hebros to be leading, so this time PT. Hebros has grown and evolved into a leading solution IT company in Indonesia.

Currently PT.Hebros a principal device Easyclocking security system, which is based in Miami USA for Regional ASIA. In addition to machine tools attendance and access control, PT.HEBROS also provide procurement services as well as maintenance of the products Security System (CCTV CAMERA), fingerprint Access Control, Data Center Networking, until Audio Video, of course, with excellent service. So that will help you in solving problems you face and the principles we keep the quality of the product we offered above.